Cik Aunie dpat tag dr Sue..Arina..n Aimie..

salam sume...
ble bkak jew blog kwn2 Cik Auni..
sume nya mnda yg sama..
n yg pastinya..Cik Auni mesty kne tag...hahahha..meh tgk ap yg dorg tag..

instruction :
once you are tagged, answer the question honestLy. No Lying or cheating ok ?


starting time : 2.26 ptg
name : Auni Hanis bt Sayuti
brother(s) : 3 aje..
eye coLour : dark brown...original k..
shoe size : 4 or 5 (saiz kaki cinderella)
hair : dark brown...ta caye??na tgk??ta boley..aurat..hahha
piercing : mende ap tuh?
height : 154..hahha..da tggu weyh..
what are you wearing right now : t-shirt sukan skola n track jew..
where do u Live : atas tanah bawah langit..hahha
favourite number : 3....dunno y..
favourite drink : Teh Ais
favourite month : september
favourite breakfast : koko kruch..rasa coklat yg HEBAT...


broken a bone : Nope..meja pnah r..
been in a poLice car : tak jgk...tringin gak...hahha
faLLen for a friend : Haahh??
faLLen for a guy / girL for a short time : normal situation..
swam in the ocean : pnah la weyh..
broken someone's heart : not so sure...pnah ta r??
cried when someone's died : of course dear..
sat by the phone aLL night waiting for someone caLL : nope....tggu mcg dr my DEAR adalah...hahahha
saved e-maiL : Must..
been cheated : always..


your room Look Like : slalunya...kemas..tapy klau adeq2 da msok...ish3..susa na citer..
what is right beside you : my belloved bntal musyuk..hahha
what is the Last thing you ate : Popia at skola...sdap bli lagy ta dew duet..


the Last person you teLL : with my DEAR..
who was the Last person you danced with : my belloved LITTLE BROTHER..
who Last made you smiLe : My classmate..


what are you Listening right now : perut ku berbunyi..minta diisi...
what did you do today : On9 jap..jup na g skola...
are you the oLdest : yes..
indoors or outdoors : ta pham..


taLk to someone you Like : tgor tapy...nnti2 lah..
kiss someone : Always..
sing : My fav activities..hahah..Karoke JAMBAN...
taLk to an ex : Da lme ta borak2 nan dia..awek dye pnah r..hahhaha
miss someone : always...
eat : Most fav activity...each Hour..hahhaha


you taLked on the phone to : my besties..SHIDOT..
made u cry : my ****
you went to the maLL with : Family..
who cheered you up : my beloved family...especially my little bro..
have a crush on someone : klau dlu...ianya satu hobi...
what books are you reading right now : ANDAI ITU TAKDIRNYA..(sdeyh wok novel nie....)
best feeLing in the worLd : rasa di sayangi..hahhahok ta jwpn nie?
future kids name : mula dgn huruf A..
do you sLeep with stuffed animaL : Ta pernah..mummy ta kasi...
what's under your bed : Hahaha.. ad novel...
favourite sport : men nyorok2..ok ta?
favourite pLace : my a heaven...
do you have a job : student lah weyh..

what time is it now : 2.50 ptg...lama nya....

with however Long it took you to compLete this,post as "my 14 minutes survey" and tag 15 peopLe...
rmai nya na kne tag...adoi....

abg jonni

dah lah tuh..ramai kot...sesape na tag...korg tag lah sndiri..pnat lah na tag ramai2...sesape yg da kne tag tuhh..rjin2 lah jwb soalan nie ea....ahackss...
thanx koz sudi mnjawab...



salemaziz said...

ni bukan 14 min nih:)

sab said...

huhu. soklan ni akk dh pnah jwb. hehe. xpe2. nti rjin akk buat k. :) btw thanks. :)

Aunie Hanis said...

salim...hahahhah....ok r tuh..lagy lama lagy bgus...

thanx kak sab..