The Rebellious Daughter

People says that a daughter is your greatest source of pride and your greatest hope for the future... The happiest moment of your life was the day she was introduce to the world. But now, I'm the one who has been abandoned by my own biological father just because my stepmother. Why? I dont know the actual reason, but I think this is because of I've hurt my stepmother's feeling. So thats why my father abandoned me .

As for me, its not my fault for hurt her feelings. I'm just defend my mother. I just dont understand why she kept bob up and down the old story and why she looks like she did not know that she's seized our happiness? She kept blaming my mom.dont she realise the truth that she was the second wife? dont she realise that how my mom feelings after she marry my father. The question is WHY??? After what she has did, she seized my father from my mother, and now she kept saying about my mother's flaws. Now my mom die, and she still acting like that. 

As a daughter I think I should stand up and voice out my feelings, because before this I just heard all the accusations and not doing anything. But this time, its too much and she's chalenging my patience. So I just let it all my true feelings. In that moment, I really hope that my father will understand bout my feelings and I really hope that my father will on my side. All this years, I'm hiding my depression from you. But cant you see it? Is it because your ego? Is it because of her? 

I thought that if I'm your daughter you will be on my side. But I'm wrong. Now you expel me from the house and says that I'm the rebellious child? How could do this to me dad. All those years I've been treated like a maid and take care my step brother and sisters. My own sister ask you for a handbag that cost only RM 45 but you said its waste. Then you buy a handbags with cost RM 1000, couch brands for the step mother! Wow!you make me shock! 

Dad I'm really tired for hiding my feeling and my depression and also pretending to be okay in front of my friends. But until now, I still remember what mom tolds me before she die. she said that, no matter what happen, I must take care of you and I promise to my mom to do that. 

So father, remember this, although you've said that I'm your rebellicious daughter, you must know that one day when you falling sick and my step brother and sisters did not want to take care of you, I'll come and taking good care of you for the rest of my life. I love you dad. really love you. 

the rebellious daughter

p/s: this is based from a true story,she was a precious daughter who wish her father to trust her that she'll never forget and leave him alone. hope you will enjoy this sad life daughter.

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